Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sexual harasser

yo yo bloggers!!!!! boy do i have a story for you!!! This has absolutely nothing to do with the main idea of this blog, but until i post my first lesson i thought i'd share this with you. Any-who im in my 9th period class, child development, tired as can be!! About two minutes after the bell i notice that my teacher(whose name i will not mention, we'll just call him buster!) Buster's zipper is not zipped, if u know what im getting at!! Sooo being the christian sweet-heart i am i decided to tell him.  I carefully went over all my options about how i would tell him without embarrassing him MAMA AIN'T RAISE NO FOOL!!! I thought about saying it out loud but that would embarrass him. I thought about pulling him aside but that would look sus'. I even thought about writing a note, but what would i say "ummmmmm buster your zipper's open....... yea u might wanna fix that. love your student teatea"  NO!!!! that would make things worse. So after thinking about it for like 10 minutes I finally decide to go with "the eye thing". Soooo when i got his attention i constantly shifted my eyes from his face down to his zipper. After doing that about 5 times buster still didn't get it. Now everyone in the class see's the open zipper because he kept walking around, and they' re laughing their brains out, and poor buster doesn't have a clue as to whats going on. So after we breakup into groups buster takes  me outside. I figured it was to thank me and tell me that i was such a good student. But nooooooooo none of that was on buster's mind. He pulled me out the classroom and acccused me of  SEXUAL HARASSMENT!!!!!!  BUSTER ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!! NO BUSTER!!.... NO!!  NO!!  NO!! I stood there not really knowing what to do. Should I tell him that his zipper is STILL open or should I just keep my mouth shut and spare him the embarrassment and humility(everyone already knows so it couldnt get any worse). But on a serious note I honestly did feel like crying seeing how I was being accused of giving my OLD  GOOFY teacher sexual looks. Im human guys so yes i did get mad and wanted to punch him dead in his face to even think that i would ever want to give his old self sexually looks .... NO BOO BOO!! i dont play like that!!!! After that he said some nonsense about how i shouldn't be embarrass its ok!!!! NO BUSTER IT'S NOT OK......HAVE U EVER BEEN ACCUSED OF BEING A SEXUAL HARASSER ....... HUH!!!! I DONT THINK SO!!! after getting really upset i said some things im not proud of,  honestly I really don't remember what i said and when i asked my friends they just said that i was waving my hands in the air getting really upset saying "I AINT NO FLIPPING SEXUAL HARASSER!!! SAY SOMETHING ELSE SMART TO ME BUSTER!!!". No need to think im crazy i apologized the next day! did i want, but it was the right thing to do. After getting sent to the deans office (whose name i will not mention we'll call him..... buddy). Buddy really didn't know what to say seeing how I was there for the first time. I told him exactly what happened and after he finished crying because it was so funny he said he would handle it and then  asked" what am i going to do with you?".............."buddy i don't even know what im going do with myself, as far as im concerned im a sexual harasser" lmbo, tell me what u think abt my crazy day at school! Peace!;)


  1. lmao...I'm dead.. But you did do the right thing